Užhorod, Ukraine

The strategically located town on the river Uh, on the long-distance road that led through the river valley to the north into the Carpathians and to the south into Eastern Slovakia, has had intensive settlement activities since prehistory. In the city centre and the surrounding area, hoards and individual finds of bronze pieces from the Late Bronze Age were concentrated. In the early Middle Ages Slavic villages developed on both banks of the river Uh. Monuments from the Latène period were found in several areas: 1st settlement - east of the brickworks on a sand dune above the swampy river bank. Pit houses with fireplaces and grey turned graphite clay ceramics were investigated. 2. the mountain "Zamkovaja" on the right bank of the river Uh. During excavations in a Slavic settlement, a settlement layer with Latène ceramics was discovered. 3rd Radvanka - East of the town on the left bank of the river Uh, a Latène settlement was uncovered during the excavations of the Slavic settlement. The pottery is typologically and spatially very close to that of Hališ-Lovac̆ka in Mukačevo . Remarkable here are traces of metallurgical activity such as clay thrown from the walls of the furnace and iron slag.


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