Stradonice u Pátku, Czech Republic

One of a few spectacular prehistoric hillforts not covered by a forest today and, thus, providing a stunning panoramic view of the Central Bohemian Uplands. The univallate hillfort at the ´Na šancích’ site was built in the Hallstatt Period. The fortification consists of several sections constructed using different techniques. A monumental wood and earth rampart on the northeast side originally had a frontal stone screen wall, a palisade and an outer ditch. Today, the ‘Stradonka’ watchtower, built in an assumed Iron Age form, stands on top of the rampart. The hillfort may have served as a refuge in times of danger, for meetings of local communities to conduct religious ceremonies, festivals and/or as a market place. It could therefore also have been an ideological centre and a source of tribal identity and prestige.

Institute of archaeology of the CAS, Prague, V. V. I.

other associated institution Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences
other associated contact Alena Rybová; Petr Drda

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